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 the highest quality in the shortest time 


A company specialized in all engineering works

 the highest quality in the shortest time 

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An integrated engineering company that carries out engineering works according to the latest architectural and engineering methods under the supervision of a group of skilled engineers and technicians, Under the slogan of the highest quality in the shortest time and at an affordable price.

Our Values

While we are extremely budget conscious long-term affordability is also top of mind.

We look at the big picture from controlling construction budgets to projecting future maintenance costs.

We look for opportunities to give you more than expected.

And we strive for that perfect balance of quality and low cost to deliver the ultimate in value.

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Our Previous work

Construction of 10 concrete villas in the green belt (Grand Heights Compound)

Finishing chalets at the North Coast in the village of Lake Swan (Hassan Alem Sons Company)

Finishing a group of villas in the Green Belt Grand Heights (Hassan Dora Group).

Designed project for the first fully Technological aviation city and international airport in the middle east

Periodic maintenance for the Landscapes and irrigation systems (Citra Egypt Emirates Company)

 Finishing project of 3 social housing buildings

(South Sohag Company

A project to construct 6 buildings integrated with the social housing (The Egyptian International Company)

Finishing partitions of the industrial lake buildings for Porto October (Amer Group)

Finishing project of 3 social housing buildings (Nile Delta Company)

Finishing Residential Units In New-Capetal

Finishing Many Residentiail Units In Many Compounds Such as (Akam)

Cooperation with the Egyptian Postal Company In-Coperation with the Egyptian Postal CompanY In Many Contracting

Many Etisalat Franchies

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Supervising on many projects implemented as follows

Dar Al Mareef Stores

The covered hall in the 6th of october city club


Our previous work

Concrete constructions and finishes for the residential and commercial units of (Akam Real Estate Development)

Finishing project of electric rooms (Orascom Construction)

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